Would you like to improve the energy efficiency in your home?

The Pete Project is trialing intelligent appliances to improve energy usage in the home, we are offering subsidised hot water tanks and up to 50% off RRP household batteries

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Sounds good, but who is paying for it?

With the National Grid under strain, the UK government is supporting research and development projects to work out how best to build the electricity system of the future. This project is part of that effort, and if chosen, you and your family could benefit directly by receiving a subsidised, highly efficient, new hot water tank.

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Renewable Energy

In the summer of 2017, for the first time the UK was able to meet more than 50% of our mid-day electricity demand from renewable energy sources:

This is great for the environment and for energy security, but not so good for the National Grid because on sunny and windy days so much electricity is now produced that it can put the grid under strain.

When this occurs, turbines and large PV farms are switched off just when they are generating the most.

What a waste!

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Renewable energy is generated when the wind blows or when the sun shines – not always when we need it. So how can we store this energy and use it later in our homes?

The Eden Project, with partners Upside Energy, Mixergy, Powervault and the University of Oxford are running a trial to demonstrate the potential of households to help take the strain off the grid by storing renewable energy - using hot water tanks and household batteries.

It’s called the Pete Project.

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The Pete Project is giving away intelligent hot water tanks.

When renewable energy generation is strong and the grid is under strain, the hot water tank will preferentially heat your water – your intelligent tank will learn when you need hot water and how much you need so there will always be enough!

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Intelligent Electrical Storage

The Pete Project will install 100 intelligent household lithium-ion batteries. If you have solar panels, or want to take better control of the energy you use the Pete Project is offering batteries at up to 50% off RRP.

The batteries will charge when there is surplus renewable energy on the grid, and discharge when the grid needs a little boost!

Don’t worry, there will always be enough energy stored in your battery for your needs.

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Our grid was built in the early 20th Century. It wasn’t designed for renewables to be connected. You can help the grid by signing up to the Pete Project – together we can help alleviate the strain on the grid by allowing us to store renewable energy when it is being generated.

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