Author: Tom Lynes

By Tom Lynes |

The Pete Project meets a milestone!

Over the past year the Pete Project has been busy identifying participants for its trial of intelligent home-technologies: the innovative and intelligent Mixergy hot water tanks and Powervault household batteries. The aim of the project is to connect these appliances, via the cloud, to create capacity to the electricity grid for grid balancing. Domestic demand-side

By Tom Lynes |

Domestic DSR and the clash of Digistisation Event

An evening debate to be held by The Pete Project in conjunction with The Energy Institute “The Clash of Digitalisation” Date: 18 September 2018 Tea & coffee: 18:00 Debate: 18:15 – 19:45 Networking drinks: 19:45 onwards Venue: Dentons Law Firm, 1 Fleet Place, London EC4M 7RA It’s the fine balance between defining personal data, and