The Eden Project is a charity with sustainability at its core. Eden will be rolling out the intelligent technologies into people’s homes, overseeing the installation and maintenance process.

The move from fossil fuels to a renewable energy based economy is an existential challenge. Eden has been working on getting people interested in climate, transport and energy for over a decade,  with Climate Revolution in 2005, the Sexy Green Car Shows,  the 21st Century Living Project; where in partnership with Homebase, University of Surrey and Plymouth University we worked with 100 households across the UK to work out what works and what does not in greening up the home. We’ve helped people to switch energy suppliers, with over 10,000 people signing up to Cornwall Together. For our own operations, we had the country’s first staff owned solar project, and we now have the go-ahead to build a geothermal plant on the Eden Project site, using the heat from the granite underground.