Join the Pete Project now and help the move to a cleaner, fairer energy system.

If I need to contact someone about my tank out of hours, who shall I call?

There is a 24/7 helpline that you can contact for tank assistance – 0131 513 9534

What will happen to the tank once the trial has finished?

Once the trial has finished your Mixergy hot water tank can either continue to be used as a smart tank whilst being connected to your wifi, or it can revert to a conventional tank.

How long will the trial last for?

The Pete project will run until June 2019.

Can I still sign up if I do not have broadband at home?

Yes! We are able to connect the hot water tanks to the Cloud via a GPRS sim card or Wi-Fi dongle.

Am I at risk of a cyber-attack if my tank is connected to the internet?

No. The technologies will be communicating through a secured and authenticated channel to our servers.

Why are the tanks be given away for free?

The hot water tanks are novel in their ability to communicate with the National Grid. The Pete Project is funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, so we are able to give the tanks away – on condition that you allow us to communicate with the tank once it is installed, and collect data for the trial.

Can I be part of the trial even though I do not have a hot water tank?

No. If you do not have a hot water tank, we cannot fit a tank into your home as the plumbing will be configured in a way that is unsuitable.