What’s the issue?

Renewable energy has become more powerful and efficient in recent decades, which is good news. But at times when weather conditions are perfect for wind turbines and solar farms, the National Grid gets ‘congested’ with too much electricity.
During these periods when supply outstrips demand, the turbines and solar farms which are producing clean, renewable energy have to be turned off. This is a great wasted opportunity to feed clean energy into the grid. Wouldn’t it make much more sense if, at these times of maximum renewable energy production, we were able to make use of it?

What do we need?

The Eden Project and its partners are looking for 400 homes to take part in this ground breaking intelligent technology trial. We will be installing 400 highly efficient and intelligent Mixergy hot water tanks within homes in both West London and Cornwall. The 400 tanks will be connected together via the cloud, this means that when there is surplus of energy on the grid, the tanks can be remotely told to turn on and in turn free up capacity for more energy to be uploaded.
Throughout the trial we will be gathering data regarding the amount of energy you use and also the capacity that is left in your tank that might be used to store excess energy from the grid.

What do you get?

In return for your participation, you will be taking in ground breaking intelligent technology research that has the potential to massively reduce the amount of green energy that is wasted in future years. You will also receive a FREE Mixergy hot water tank (as well as a substantial subsidy towards the tanks installation).

Benefits of the Mixergy tank include:

  • Up to 30% more hot water compared to your existing tank of the same size
  • Intelligent control to reduce heat losses by up to 50% – your hot water will stay hot until you need it, allowing your tank to be heated when green energy is available
  • Your tank will inform you of how much hot water is available so you don’t experience a sudden cold shower. There is a control panel that shows how much hot water is available
  • You can control your heating patterns and view your hot water usage via the Mixergy smartphone app (you can still control your tank without the app)
  • If you need to boost the amount of hot water in the tank, there will be an easy- access boost button.
  • The tank will heat more quickly than a conventional tank

How can you get involved?

If you meet the three following requirements then you might be a suitor for one of our free Mixergy hot water tanks:

  • If you live in West London or Cornwall
  • Have an electrically heated hot water tank
  • Have an internet connection

If you fit into these three categories then apply now!

What if I don’t live in West London or Cornwall?

If you do not live in the Pete Projects installation areas we won’t be able to install a free Mixergy tank for you. However, you can still benefit from the Pete Project as there are 100 tanks that Mixergy are selling at 30% off RRP. To find out more about this offer please contact Mixergy directly either by email – enquiries@mixergy.co.uk or by phoning 01865 884343