Pete Project testing

In the coming weeks the Pete Project will be conducting tests on its fleet of hot water tanks and batteries.

The test will involve the Mixergy tanks being sent a signal that stops them from heating for five minutes. The tanks will then be sent another signal that tells them to heat for five minutes. We will be measuring how this action effects energy flows at the local electricity distribution substation. Following the brief test the tanks will be returned to their scheduled heating pattern. This test is being overseen by Upside Energy.

The Powervault batteries will also be involved in the test. They will be sent signals telling them to stop charging for five minutes before being told to start charging for five minutes. Following the test the batteries will resume their schedule. This test will be overseen directly by Powervault.

The purpose of the Mixergy tanks, and Powervault batteries, is not just to provide you with a highly efficient hot water tank/battery, but to also help reduce the strain on the national grid. At times when large amounts of renewable energy is being produced, but not used, the tanks and batteries can turn on and help free up space on the national grid meaning that less renewable energy is wasted. We are testing the capability to provide this service.

The efficiency of the Mixergy tank means that even if you weren’t planning on heating water at these times, the water will still be hot when you need it.

The testing period will start on 21st October and finish on 11th November. There will only be four tests conducted which will last no more than ten minutes each.

The tests are a condition of the project, more information can be found in paragraph 2.13 and 4.3 of the projects consumer agreement.