The Pete Project meets a milestone!

Over the past year the Pete Project has been busy identifying participants for its trial of intelligent home-technologies: the innovative and intelligent Mixergy hot water tanks and Powervault household batteries.

The aim of the project is to connect these appliances, via the cloud, to create capacity to the electricity grid for grid balancing. Domestic demand-side response (DSR) is a term given to individual households and their ability to adjust their need for power, at different times. Both the Powervault and Mixergy tank are DSR capable.

As of February 2019, we have reached a milestone and installed over 100 hot water tanks and 74 batteries into peoples’ homes.

The project has partnered with three Housing Associations: Catalyst Housing in London, Ocean Housing in Cornwall and Homes in Sedgemoor, Somerset. Our installer network is ever-growing and we can now deploy Mixergy hot water tanks throughout Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Greater London.

Of the 500 hot water tanks we were looking to deploy, over 400 have already been signed up to the trial and all of the batteries have been reserved.

We are still looking for a number of homes in both West London and Cornwall to participate in the Pete Project and receive a Mixergy hot water tank for free! To register your interest to the trial please visit