Participants in this trial will be helping to revolutionise the energy system.

You could receive a free Mixergy hot water tank installed in your home for the duration of the trial. At the end of the trial, you will own the tank. You might also benefit from a discounted Powervault battery storage system, maintained in your home.

The Benefits of Mixergy’s Hot Water Tanks

  • Up to 30% more hot water compared to your existing tank of the same size

  • Intelligent control to reduce heat losses by up to 50% – your hot water will stay hot until you need it, allowing your tank to be heated when green energy is available

  • Your tank will inform you how much hot water is available so you don’t experience a sudden cold shower

  • If you need to boost the amount of hot water in the tank, there will be an easy- access boost button.

  • The tank will heat more quickly than a conventional tank

  • You do not need solar panels or an Economy 7 tariff to benefit from the intelligent tank

Benefits of Powervault

Powervault can reduce homeowners’ electricity bills by up to 20% by storing solar energy during the day and discharging it when needed. Powervault can also charge from the grid, which means it can store cheap, off-peak (eg. Economy 7) electricity. U.K. homeowners on time-of-use-tariffs like Economy 7 can benefit by saving an additional 10%–15% on their electricity bills (saving up to 35% in total). When new smart tariffs are launched, with a greater difference between on- and off-peak tariffs, the savings from storing cheap electricity from the grid will be much larger for U.K. homeowners. Powervault is forward- compatible with smart tariffs.

Powervault is very simple to install and can be fitted to your home by a qualified electrician in under 4 hours. It is a fully integrated energy storage solution, so there is no need to adjust your existing solar PV system or buy additional parts to ensure it works for your home. The Powervault unit contains batteries, inverters, chargers, a Battery Management System, an Energy Management System and a control board.

Join the Pete Project now and help the move to a cleaner, fairer energy system.